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Sales System

The National Agents Alliance® Sales System is the key to opening the door to a whole new way of doing business. It is the most unique system ever developed that emphasizes the value of YOUR time, not the client’s. The system elevates you into the position of consultant and not life insurance salesperson. When you go on an appointment, there is no doubt between you and the client what you plan on accomplishing that evening: they are going to choose a program that best fits their needs and budget AND they are going to fill out an application and write a check for the first month’s premium. The only thing they have to figure out is which options work for them in relationship to how much they can pay per month – you’re already filling out the application while they are deciding.

In fact, during many of our appointments, the clients already have their checkbook out and sometimes even before we begin, they want to know to whom to make the check and for how much.

When we receive our leads, it isn’t a matter of seeing how many appointments we can talk our way into; it really is a mentality of how many leads can we filter out who are going to waste our time. We only go on the appointments that agree beforehand that they are going to sign an app and write a check. Simple as that.

Our new agents who are experienced in the industry are surprised and impressed with the systematic qualification filter used to sniff out the prospects from the suspects. But in reality, the prospects are not prospects at all; they are committed buyers already by the time we walk through their front door.

Can you imagine working a system where you can go out on 5 to 7 appointments in a week, each lasting about 45 minutes and closing 95%?

How long did that take to make money? Our sales people with families love our program because with the time efficiency with which they make money, they can spend so much more time with their families.

Our training system is comprehensive with training seminars, tapes, nationwide teleconferences, periodic meetings, etc. All at no cost to you. Get this – no one makes a dime on any training function or tool. Why you ask? Simple, we want you in the field maximizing your income as soon as possible – we are not in the business of profiting from selling a “system”.

Now, not everyone is going to be successful coming on board with us. Why? Several reasons.

  • If you have a fear of contacting leads on the phone, do not come on board with us – you will spend most of your time contacting leads on the phone and the remainder of your time going on appointments.
  • If you think that you will use YOUR selling system versus using ours, that might be okay if you are closing our required sales ratio to leads, but no one in the history of National Agents Alliance® has ever used their own selling system and been able to meet our minimum sales performance standards. You can try and be the first one but the odds are against you. Besides, why re-invent the wheel? We will teach you exactly how to be successful in a minimum amount of time. Why not just listen, learn and make money?

Bottom line: if you’re looking to spend more time with your family, or if you’re looking to make more money with less personal time, you can actually do both with us.

Why wait – take the next step with us and stop wasting your valuable time.

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